Welcome to Female Aussie Teletypes

Hi, and welcome to the “Aussie Tele-Types” blog. This blog is designed to focus on Australian television’s portrayal and marketing  of the “oz” female type on television. Australian Television imports over 50% of its shows from United States and the UK, meaning only  half of what is screen is “australian.” Therefore, the female type on screen is usually American or American influenced. How does this effect the Australian female type? This blog looks at Australian produced shows and analyzes the national female character types in relation to its audience, culture, and time period. What is the typical national type? Is there one? Is it accurate? Is the female oz type representative for the whole of Australia’s diverse population or for White Australia? More importantly, is the “female oz type” marketed for an international audience or for the national Australian audience? This blog seeks to answer these questions. The blog will include short posts of media clips, photos, and literature that I find relevant to the subject matter. Under the “Jounal” tab I will be posting 5 journal entries to the following questions:

1. How were women on Australian TV represented in the early days?

2. How many different types of female Australians did the documentary Australia Daze portray? How did it contrast the Masculine Oz roles ?

3. How have Kath and Kim reified the Australian female national type? What is it about their characters
that make them Australian? How do the characters of Kath and Kim imply the “aussie way of life”?

4. What is the female type on Australian lifestyle television shows? What different types of lifestyles are portrayed?

5. In progress.


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