The “Drongo” Female Oz Type: Kath and Kim

Norma Grieve wrote, “The image of the wife and mother was increasingly in conflict with the much more interesting sexy image of ‘woman’ produced by Hollywood and the advertising agences. So the unmarried woman, to spend on herself, became more interesting ” (132).  The fairly recent Australian comedy series, Kath and Kim,  follows the dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship between Kath and Kim. Kath and Kim as “single” women provide a much more interesting and exploratory dynamic between the two characters- it allows them to do more “outrageous acts” for the international and national audiences to admire and imitate. One commentator in the documentary Outrageous Characters said, ” I think its just the way she talks thats hilarious.” Kim’s “g-string” and drinking are also outrages elements to the show and keep people entertained. It seems that people like to imitate the character’s accents as well, in Outrageous Characters several people repeated Kath’s line “Look at me, Look at me, Look at me.” Its is the “murdering” of the english language that provides entertainment to television audiences across the globe. Some Aussies have noted that not many people who come from Melbourne suburbs recognize themselves in the show. The question is then- are Kath and Kim’s dysfunctional lives portrayed as the “Australian way of life”? Or is the show created to market their life to international audiences for a “laugh”? The show highlights the easy going way of life, however, do all women in Australia behave in this matter? I highly doubt it.


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