The “Newsreporter” Female Oz Type

Eva Cox notes in her report, ‘What do I wear for a Hurricane?” that the title of the report comes from her experiences as a journalist reporter. While giving reports on “hurricane and plane crash” events “she realised that all too often concerns about her work centred on whether she had remembered her hairspray, or whether she was wearing the correct clothes and looked “just right”” (Cox 2).

Realising this, Cox concluded that these concerns were brought about by the way in which the male employees at work perceived her.  What is the “right” way to look as a female news reporter? It seems as though news reporters globally, not just in Australia, all have similar physical standards of beauty. Most are thin, wear lots of makeup, and have stiff hairsprayed hair. How was this stereotype constructed? Why is this the norm? After all,  it is the news being delivered that is more important than the their own image.


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