Underpants or Underbelly?

Many have claimed that since the first season of Underbelly, the series has plummeted to the ground; substituting authentic plot for scandalous sex appeal.  A writer for The Daily Telegraph wrote, “The romance and sex scenes were over the top and I really do feel they belittle women altogether, not just those in the police force. ” In fact, some early Underbelly viewers refer to Underbelly now as “underpants”

The question is, why focus on sex? If Melbourne audiences are so intrigued by the drug “underworld”, why would they use underbelly to see porn when it is already readily available in other markets?

From: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/entertainment/tv/underbelly-has-become-a-sex-show-says-former-new-south-wales-cop-roger-rogerson/story-e6frf9ho-1225864534336

In this clip below, look at how Underbelly uses the female body to attract what Laura Mulvey calls “THE MALE GAZE.”  The women are merely used a sex toys in Underbelly’s portrayal of the Melbourne’s drug economy.In other words, the show’s advertising depiction of the “naked” female body contributes to underbelly’s success.


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